Thursday, 29 December 2011

Top 5: Tips to Surviving a Full Moon Party

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  1. There's a water slide?! Damn! now I'm even more gutted that I missed it!

  2. Oh no, how come you didn't make one? Yeah there is a water slide that you can just see to the right hand side of the article photo, complete with a fiery exit! Not scary but very fun :)

  3. Great article Fran and excellent advice, especially about buying a cheap pair of flip-flops!

  4. Cheers Macca! Just a shame I didn't think of myself BEFORE the FMP. Gotta love hindsight... You have any other tips to share??

  5. Love that slide!
    Think most of the things you're warning against are things which happened first time round for us - Matt's camera being the thing you 'should remember when you go for that impromptu dip' (or decide to get someone else wet...).
    Definitely right about the flip flops, still cry myself to sleep about that.
    And drinking water - wish I'd done that....
    Good times though! :) xx

  6. Oh I didn't realise Matt's camera got wet; I left the next day though didn't I :(
    I should add to the list 'Make sure one of you is sober (enough) to get your ruined friend back safely to her hotel room, allowing enough time to get incriminating evidence on camera'... cough
    I know; can't believe I 'lost' my flip-flops. The irony is, my fake Havaianas survived the remaining 5 months, and are still going strong!
    We have to go back one year; it was amazing!

  7. I should probably keep quiet...

  8. Hehe, it was like watching Bambi learning to walk all over again... :P