Saturday, 31 December 2011

Retrospective: Re-Charging my Chakras in Ubud

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  1. Love this because it is so true! I loved Ubud too and I fully embraced the whole yoga, vegetable shakes and smug happiness while I was there! I also embraced the beer and parties too though and I don't think you're meant to do both.

    Did you try yoga? I did it for the first time in Bali and loved it. I still don't get the whole meditation thing though. And I had some of the most painful massages ever too! Seriously not relaxing at all.

    Of all places I visited though, I really really want to go back to Ubud - especially now that I live in the city. I'd love to go back to that relaxing way of life!

  2. Ohhh, I feel bad now :( I'm glad you enjoyed it though! I haven't tried yoga...yet. I feel if my life becomes any more stressed I may have to give it a go; a cuppa tea seems to do the job at the mo. I'm a country girl so no immediate need for a yoga retreat!

    I loved Ubud really; I was relaxing, full of interesting shops/markets/temples and obviously a great location for seeing the rest of Bali. If I went back, I would most definitely stay in Ubud. Where did you stay?